We exclusively handle the seeding and erosion control items for gas pipeline construction with offices in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. In addition, we have contributed extensively to the construction of major interstates, roadways, airports and more in the South Central United States.

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These are a few major projects to which Wilcox Contracting, LLC was an integral contributor:

  • Pipelines, Well Pads, and Lease Roads in Fayetteville Shale, AR  2008-Present
  • Pipelines, Well Pads, and Lease Roads in Haynesville Shale, LA 2009-Present
  • Pipelines and Facillities in Eagle Ford Shale, TX  2011-Present
  • Welsco Carbide Lime Pit Reclamation, AR
  • Alcoa/Reynolds Mine Reclamation, AR 
  • Municipal Waste Lagoon Reclamations, AR
  • I-540 from Fort Smith to Fayetteville, AR
  • I-530 from Little Rock to Pine Bluff, AR
  • I-530 By Pass around Pine Bluff, AR
  • I-440 By Pass Little Rock/N. Little Rock, AR
  • I-630 Little Rock, AR
  • I-30 Little Rock to Benton, AR
  • I-30 Little Rock, AR to Texarkana, TX (Initial building of and Improvement Projects through the years)
  • I-40 Fort Smith, AR to Memphis, TN (Initial Building of and Improvement Projects through the years)
  • 270 By-Pass Hot Springs, AR
  • Widening of Hwy. 98 Mobile, AL to McLain, MS
  • Little Rock Air Force Base Little Rock, AR
  • Pine Bluff Arsenal Pine Bluff, AR
  • Little Rock National Airport Little Rock, AR
  • West Memphis Airport West Memphis,AR
  • Saline County Airport
  • Burns Park Soccer Fields Little Rock, AR
  • Big Hawk Pipeline Clinton, AR 

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