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A Brief History of Wilcox Contracting:

Wilcox Contracting, LLC was founded by George Wilcox.  He began his contracting business in 1962 originally as George Wilcox Contracting Co. Inc.  He established a very successful business model as well as deploying inventive methods of erosion controls and sod farming in Arkansas and Oklahoma.  In 1987 he expanded his area of operations to include Mississippi and Tennessee, where the company specialized in Seeding, Sod Mulching, and Erosion Control services and items for Highway and major Interstate Construction.  In 2008, the modern namesake of the company was formed, Wilcox Contracting, LLC to exclusively handle seeding and erosion control for the rapidly expanding gas drilling and pipeline industries.  They maintain offices in Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas.

George founded the company with a drive to innovate while providing dependable service safely in the industry that became his life’s work.  As a pioneer in the industry, George passed his knowledge, skillset and drive for excellence on to his long time business partner and daughter, Kaye Lynn. 

Like her father, before her, Kaye Lynn Wilcox is a skilled business person as well as well-trained contractor.  She learned from an early age to drive trucks and tractors, operate heavy equipment as well as running the business side of the Company, handling accounting, bidding jobs, and assessing the needs of a growing and diverse customer base.

With George Wilcox’s death in November of 2014, company leadership has passed to Kaye Lynn, and is already breaking new ground to maintain and expand the company that she helped her father build. 

Wilcox Contracting, LLC is ready and willing to meet your Seeding and Erosion Control needs and more.